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When you first started to meditate, what technique did you use?

I first started meditating 2013. Coming from a quite tough period in my life over to the other lighter side of life. My interest for anything that could expand my consciousness brought me in to trying Binural Beats meditation…

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Meet Guy

Hi all,

Was just about to post this when new friends came in the studio – interesting conversations and connections- made me so humble for what is happening. Just as I hesitated, let the emotions take over for a while someone walks in and suddenly that hesitation was just a short sidetrack..

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January- a happy, cool & creative time


I hope your are feeling great and have had a soft, mindful and happy start to 2020. I have been working with the studio along with getting some well needed rest. So happy Mindstory is happening, it all went so fast, from signing a contract for the space in October, total re make of the..

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Mindstory – a love story

Hi, happy you found our blog or our story as we call it. My name is Johanna and I am the founder of Mindstory Meditation Studio. Mindstory is a meditation studio right in the center of Stockholm. Where it is needed I believe.

The name Mindstory is for several reasons, one of them being me believing..

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