I hope your are feeling great and have had a soft, mindful and happy start to 2020. I have been working with the studio along with getting some well needed rest. So happy Mindstory is happening, it all went so fast, from signing a contract for the space in October, total re make of the studio in less than six weeks and then opening! So Christmas break was great, to restore, spend time with my kids & Mattias and get back to my happy, cool & creative space. What do you do to find your happy & cool?

So, I´ve been asking some of our teachers what meditation has meant for them, how it has effected their daily lives. Thought it could be great inspiration for you all! First out is Camilla! She has her classes at Mindstory on Thursdays and will as well offer her soul guidance sessions with us. Highly recommended! Happy reading.

When you first started to meditate, what technique did you use? It was a natural step for me to start meditating after getting in contact with guided visualisations though Psychosynthesis therapy training and Reiki Healing. I was curious and so I started with curiosity learning through experience about the inner worlds, the sub conscious mind and the transpersonal self. If you are going to work with energy and basically with other people, you need to know yourself 🙂 Meditation has been my everyday tool and practice ever since.

What is your advice to someone who never meditated before? Learn what works for you! Focusing on the breath, relaxation practices, doing mantras or listening to guided heart meditations. Get to know your taste and be patient with yourself.

How has mediation effected you and your lifestyle? Firstly it helped with the anxiety I experienced sometimes. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without meditation. It has given me self knowledge, courage a personal relationship with Source and last but not least a greater ability to enjoy life fully.

Thank you Camilla! Camilla has Energy Meditation Thursdays at 11.30 & 13.00. Join her!

Oh, and since I´ve decided to get more comfortable with asking for help, if you think what we are doing at Mindstory is a good idea, feel free to spread the word! So grateful for help with sharing and getting the word out. Thank you.

Take care of you. And don’t forget that you are beautiful, cool & brave.