When you first started to meditate, what technique did you use?

I first started meditating 2013. Coming from a quite tough period in my life over to the other lighter side of life. My interest for anything that could expand my consciousness brought me in to trying Binural Beats meditation. It works very well with decent headphones since it helps you sync your brainwaves through different frequencies and soothing sounds. I had a profound experience. I never consciously in that way, just completely let go and allowed my self to completely be taken away by the meditative trance state that the binaural beats meditation created. After that I was hooked on meditation and now seven years back I basically meditated everyday, thousands of hours and explored a lot of different techniques or ways to go about meditation. This is the one Binural beats I used for my first experience: https://tinyurl.com/r3tz6rx

– What is your advice to someone who never meditated before?
My advice to a person who has never meditated before is first to figure out if this is actually true. They may not have consciously sat down in the stereotypical way of meditation with crossed legs, relaxed body, with hands in meditative mudras (hand posture). But most people have had some kind of experience of finding a deeper feeling of peace, silence, stillness or sense of that inner witness experiencing everything. Whether through sports, music, dancing or other happening that may alter your consciousness in to the ground of present being that meditation truly is, behind our constant flow of thoughts, wishes and desires.

From that, you get an idea of what to look for. Because explaining or sharing what meditation is through words I quite hard. Since it’s rather a way of going beyond that dimension of experience and letting go of thoughts and finding that jewel of stillness and flow in between them.

There is really two fundamental ways of entering in to meditation. You either focus upon something and allow everything else to go. Or you let everything go and just allow absolutely everything to be as it already is and just sit still, watch, witness and be. This can be done with open or closed eyes. The latter can be harder for anyone new to meditation. Thats why I usually recommend to try focus upon something, as the breath. Relaxation is very important, find a seated position that you find comfortable. This can be with an erect spine on the floor, or leaning back on a chair or even relaxing in a comfortable sofa (if you’re not too tired). Sitting up is mainly not to get too comfortable since then you’ll probably just fall a sleep.

The Meditation exercise:
Go with the breath with your attention/awareness, slightly alter it to become a little bit deeper, slower, smooth, light and rhythmic. Do this for at least 5 minutes. That has some profound effects on your inner balance and mental state, which allows you much more easily to more comfortably sit and just be with your breath. That practice is very balancing for your whole system and if you go with your breath in to that universal, yet personally unique breathing pattern, your mind will go in to alpha state or even delta state. A state in which peaceful presence, deep imagination and silence are more emergent than the constant stream of thoughts coming from the normal beta-brainwave state.
Key here is to relax completely, yet focus all your attention on your breath and really go with it and allow its gravity and weight to bring you in to that rhythmic and smooth patterns. That is a very good way to go in to meditation and through just 5-10 minutes or even less of this, you’ll notice a big difference is your stress levels, mental activity. You can also after whatever time you feel like, just completely let go and just sit, be still allow whatever to happen within you while you just stay calmly aware of it – meditation.

– How has mediation effected you and your lifestyle?

Profoundly! It allowed me to shift my entire experience of life, view of myself and helped me let go of a lot of mental structures and ideas that didn’t fit me. It has given me deep insights in the nature of my own being and has in some ways awakened me to a much richer life and version of myself. It has also many times been quite a struggle when I been sitting face to face with my fears, anxieties, guilt, shame, frustration, anger and so forth. But it surely has allowed me to gradually become lighter and less heavy from the energy of these emotions. Its not the solution to everything, but with a meditative practice and ability to become very present, everything else seems to become a bit easier, whether its work, relationships or sense of connection with yourself and the world.