Hi all,
Was just about to post this when new friends came in the studio – interesting conversations and connections- made me so humble for what is happening. Just as I hesitated, let the emotions take over for a while someone walks in and suddenly that hesitation was just a short sidetrack and I´m again convinced about what the next step is. Thank you ,thank you, thank you.
So I asked all teachers to answer some questions about meditation, how they started and what their advice is for a beginner. Guy is next up! Come by the studio on Mondays and Wednesdays to meet him!
I studied Buddhism at university but I didn’t really meditate in an organised way then, I was more making my own experiments with spirituality in those days.  Then in my late twenties I got into physical yoga, I very quickly felt the benefits it did for me and became very interested in deepening my practice.  First I started to practice pranayama, the Indian breath techniques which lead into meditation.  Then quite soon after that I rediscovered my Buddhist roots, by diving into Vipassana/mindfulness practice.  Now I practice all three, yoga (asana), pranayama and meditation as mutually complementary forms.
My advice to someone who hadn’t meditated before would be to start, first and foremost!  And then to be patient.  it is liking learning a musical instrument, in the beginning it will not sound nice and requires a lot of hard work and practice.  We are often shocked at the start how difficult it is to work with the mind.  However that hard work pays off and eventually we are making sweet music, the mediation becomes less hard work and more pleasure, we experience the inner changes for ourselves.
Meditation has affected every aspect of my life.  That might sound a bit grandiose but if these practices are really starting to work we can’t help but change in positive ways as people.  Really this is the only indicator of progress, that there should be a corresponding change in someones behaviour.  Negative aspects of our personality get weaker and positive aspects get enhanced. This begins to intimately affect our lifestyle and the choices we make.
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