Hi, happy you found our blog or our story as we call it. My name is Johanna and I am the founder of Mindstory Meditation Studio. Mindstory is a meditation studio right in the center of Stockholm. Where it is needed I believe.

The name Mindstory is for several reasons, one of them being me believing the story that has been on repeat in my head for years, the story saying I don’t have the courage, I can’t and I shouldn’t. The story that has stopped me from being the woman I want to be and fully dare to do what I want to do.

Well, not the case anymore.

Mindstory is a love story, a consequence of many still moments in meditation, moments that has provided me with power, will, joy and an unstoppable
I-just-have-to-do-this kind of feeling. The studio is out of love, created with passion and I want Mindstory to stand tall and proud. Like everything we do right?

The idea came as a post-it note without glue, right in front of me and since then my days have been like a movie, unreal but so lovely and we are ready! I say we, my husband Mattias has been working hard by my side with getting the studio ready and all the teachers Camilla, Kristina, Linda, Guy, Ratheesh, Linus, Mikael, Jan and Fredrik are a big part in this.

My vision is to make meditation accessible for all. Accessible with a central location, modern and comfy studio and shorter classes, I want to create a forum where you can breathe for a while, take a break from, find or maybe be reminded of what direction to take, see clearly the next step, come back to what it was you wanted or maybe even more, what you need to proceed.. A space to be reminded to do your thing and drop the story.

What do you think?
Love Johanna