Words are not enough to describe this essential theme. Heart is both the beginning and the goal. Coming home and expanding wide. You are welcome as you are – vulnerable, cautiously curious or bravely ready for all in with love. 


Who are you? What do you share/do/ give to the world? In your everyday life, are you where you would like to be? Having goals and dreams or simply aiming for authenticity, this is a class for you. Every 30 mins counts.


Have you had the feeling of being crystal clear in your mind? Every thought more precise, less of the “noise” that makes you lose your focus. This class aims to give a taste of clarity. Improves intuition as a bonus


If heart is the beginning so is breathe. Here at Mindstory we have several experienced teachers who have gone deep into the ancient practise of the breath. A life changing practise for many who commit to a daily routine. Come try and feel what conscious breathing can be like.


Spiritually and scientifically we know this now, we are not really separate. When do you feel connected/ disconnected in life? Is it through your relationships, with yourself, with a greater source you wish to deepen the connection? A large theme in a short and simple version. Come, be present, connect


This class aims to create flow in body, mind & spirit. With focus on energy healing and heart we find alliance within.


An authentic healing class aiming to find essence, heart and truth. Your truth.