Mindstory Meditation Studio opened late 2019, founded by Johanna Mörk Colden.

“To practice meditation has shifted my perspective and changed my  attitude toward life in many ways. Through meditation I have found so much passion, creativity and joy. Mindstory is the consequence of that”  

With years of experience within PR & communication, head of sales within the family business along and with several yogateacher trainings & owner of a yogastudio it was time to create something new.

“Meditation has reduced my stress level, helped me sleep better and be in more harmony with myself. Meditation has thought me to listen to heart, has given me courage to believe in dreams and the guts to turn them into reality.” 

The idea of creating a meditation studio in the very center of Stockholm was given a year ago when living abroad. “Meditation is for everyone and I wish to translate and make it accessible to all”. 

With a city center location, a modern space, a variety of teachers, different themes and shorter classes all in a modern  setting Mindstory aims to make meditation more available.

Our teachers come from different traditions and are all highly experienced. They will guide you and support you where ever you are on your journey. Find out more about our  TEACHERS.

Mindstory studio is also a gallery and showroom for different artists. Feel free to connect if you are looking for a creative collaboration. CONTACT