Through his journey, he lived on and off for many years in India and South East Asia. Spending time in monasteries and learning institutions.

While learning meditation and becoming grounded in mindfulness, Guy has spent time with a number of Buddhist teachers, from both Tibetan and Theravadan traditions. Though more recently with a focus on Vipassana from the Mahasi Sayadaw Lineage.

Guy has also been a dedicated yoga student for many years. Studying Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar and traditional Hatha. But most profoundly, Pranayama – the Indian tradition of breath work. Guy is a senior student of classical pranayama master Sri O.P. Tiwari and has been authorised by him to teach pranayama. Guy’s knowledge of the breath has been broadened by his interest in free diving.

Guy teaches with kindness in a way that blends his knowledge of the different traditions and techniques he has learnt. The aim of his classes is to bring physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual development.