He has been coaching groups and individuals at retreats, festivals, workshops, courses and individual sessions. He as measured over 550 unique people’s heart rhythms and guided them in to a deeper state of balance and positive emotions, while giving them important visual insight in to their own ability to affect their autonomic nervous system through breath, focus and feelings.

7 years ago, Linus began his journey in meditation which radically shifted his understanding of himself and others. That lead him into studying meditation, yoga, breath work, mental training and coaching through various schools and traditions. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Human Rights, Coach diploma and HeartMath Trainer diploma. He loves to spend time with his one and a half year old daughter and meditating with her sleeping on his chest. He’s also the founder of an organisation that creates participatory events and gatherings with the intention of creating deep human connection and sharing healing body-mind-soul practices.