Magnus Fridh

Magnus teaches yoga, mindfulness and meditation and through academic studies in indology with focus on Tibetan culture and language he has advanced in the subject. Magnus is co founder of Mindfulness Appen and writer of two books ”Viloläge-mindfulness and meditation i vardagen” and out this fall ”Att vara stilla när allt skyndar” (Bonnier Fakta).

Linus Lundkvist

Linus Lundkvist is a Mental Coach and HRV Biofeedback Trainer based in Stockholm. 

He has been coaching groups and individuals at retreats, festivals, workshops, courses and individual sessions. He as measured over 550 unique people’s heart rhythms and guided them in to a deeper state of balance and positive emotions, while giving them important visual insight in to their own ability to affect their autonomic nervous system through breath, focus and feelings.

7 years ago, Linus began his journey in meditation which radically shifted his understanding of himself and others. That lead him into studying meditation, yoga, breath work, mental training and coaching through various schools and traditions. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Human Rights, Coach diploma and HeartMath Trainer diploma. He loves to spend time with his one and a half year old daughter and meditating with her sleeping on his chest. He’s also the founder of an organisation that creates participatory events and gatherings with the intention of creating deep human connection and sharing healing body-mind-soul practices.

Camilla Lindeborg Alm

Camilla Lindeborg Alm is a Spiritual Guide and Intuitive Sound Healer based in Stockholm with both a local and global client base and working field.

Guiding meditations and workshops for groups online and in person as well as with private sessions. Her bright and inspiring style with intuitive gifts and has taken her to the international telesummit/ radio show industry exploring consciousness. As a meditation leader her style is guiding, often visual guiding, both “high vibe” and focusing on grounding in the body with contact to the Earth, to improve a sense of being centred, supporting clarity and balance.

Camilla started her journey with university studies in Political Science and Communication, all the while interests brought her to learn Reiki Healing in the Usui Reiki tradition. She has also done a 3 year foundation in Psychosynthesis at Psykosyntesakademin. Since then her path has taken off in a very focused, individual way guided by her heart in which the mystical and practical can meet. Also, three children later together with her husband, she knows all about tight time frames and logistical difficulties, when aiming for balance in life.

Fredrik Binette

Fredrik Binette is an experienced teacher within classical yoga & meditation.

His base of teaching is in Stockholm. He has more then 5000h of teaching experience within meditation, yoga nidra & hatha yoga. He is educated in Singapore, Germany and Sivananda Ashram in southern India.

His Meditation training was in London with Swami Saradanda.

A part from his passion to spread these wisdoms to the world by guiding classes, courses & workshops, he is also a lead trainer for different yoga teacher trainings in Sweden, Norway & India.

Fredrik loves to sit with others in silence in meditation and one of the most exciting parts for him with teaching is to have the privelige to both follow other students/ peoples journeys and being able to support them if they get stuck with an obstacle.
Meditation can change your life and to be a part of that by inspire & guide others is fantastic.

Guy Powiecki

Guy first encountered spirituality studying for a Theology degree; specialising in Indian religions and Buddhism.

Through his journey, he lived on and off for many years in India and South East Asia. Spending time in monasteries and learning institutions.

While learning meditation and becoming grounded in mindfulness, Guy has spent time with a number of Buddhist teachers, from both Tibetan and Theravadan traditions. Though more recently with a focus on Vipassana from the Mahasi Sayadaw Lineage.

Guy has also been a dedicated yoga student for many years. Studying Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar and traditional Hatha. But most profoundly, Pranayama – the Indian tradition of breath work. Guy is a senior student of classical pranayama master Sri O.P. Tiwari and has been authorised by him to teach pranayama. Guy’s knowledge of the breath has been broadened by his interest in free diving.

Guy teaches with kindness in a way that blends his knowledge of the different traditions and techniques he has learnt. The aim of his classes is to bring physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual development.

Jan Lundström

Jan is a yoga and meditation teacher with a background from Kripalu Center For Yoga & Health. He is currently teaching and guiding in the softer versions of yoga, such as restorative, yin and yoga nidra. More than five years ago he picked up a daily meditation practice and based on the principles of Self Observation & Self Remembering, he is in the work with a quest of awakening. Jan has studied breath-work and pranayama and has also developed an intimate relation with his breath as a dive Master and runner. He is from Stockholm where he is currently living and teaching, as well as outside Stockholm, where he has his own retreat space – “Stillpunkt”.  Jan´s personal purpose is to partake in, and create heartfelt and true communities. He has a background as a business lawyer in Stockholm – which gives him insights in the stressful daily life that too many of us currently live.

Linda Ergérius

Kristina Lindgren

Kristina Lindgren is an experienced Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher. She is guiding meditation in retreats, courses and private sessions, as well in business settings for people highly motivated to improve their health,  reduce stress reactivity, open their power of awareness and develop more compassion.

She was first out to offer the program “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction” to the public in Scandinavia and have since 2004 guided many thousands of people to heal and reduce their stress levels and generate a more peaceful life and working situation. Her embodied presence, intuitive and courageous, and her incisive and engaged teaching style can bring tremendous results in terms of personal transformation to her clients. Kristina teaches how meditation can be a beneficial factor in life and work combining both eastern and western philosophies. Kristina also works as an Inner Leadership and Transition Consultant and as a Psychosynthesis Therapist. She has practiced meditation for more than 30 years, Vipassana and Dzogchen. She is also a certified Sama Yoga Teacher and Nondual Coach, and has a background in studies of Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta.

Mikael Söderström

Mikael has been on the yogic path following the traditional eights limbs of Ashtanga yoga for over 15 years and been teaching for ten years.

Mikael is a educated naturopath with knowledge within diet, herbs, yoga and suntherapi. For a couple of years he was manager at a yoga & meditation center in Malta and Mikeal is also one of the founders of Bliss Café at Södermalm. Mikael has been teaching, organized workshops and retreats both in Sweden and abroad with focus on health, diet, yogic philosophy and biopsycology.
His passions are also dancing and art. Mikaels teaching will be based on focused concentration and introspection a way to recieve clarity and renewed energy.

Ratheesh Mani

Acharya Ratheesh Mani, born and raised in Kerala South India. He began to study yoga meditation and Ayurveda from and early age. Ratheesh has introduced the ancient science of meditation through a program called ‘Mind Awareness’ to a wide variety of commercial and social institutions. Organizations from rehabilitation clinics to fast growing IT companies benefit from these teachings. And few of them are based in the city of Stockholm in these very street of Mindstory building.