Viktoria Freese

Guy Powiecki

Guy first encountered spirituality studying for a Theology degree; specialising in Indian religions and Buddhism.

Through his journey, he lived on and off for many years in India and South East Asia. Spending time in monasteries and learning institutions.

While learning meditation and becoming grounded in mindfulness, Guy has spent time with a number of Buddhist teachers, from both Tibetan and Theravadan traditions. Though more recently with a focus on Vipassana from the Mahasi Sayadaw Lineage.

Guy has also been a dedicated yoga student for many years. Studying Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar and traditional Hatha. But most profoundly, Pranayama – the Indian tradition of breath work. Guy is a senior student of classical pranayama master Sri O.P. Tiwari and has been authorised by him to teach pranayama. Guy’s knowledge of the breath has been broadened by his interest in free diving.

Guy teaches with kindness in a way that blends his knowledge of the different traditions and techniques he has learnt. The aim of his classes is to bring physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual development.

Linus Lundkvist

Linus Lundkvist is a Mental Coach and HRV Biofeedback Trainer based in Stockholm. 

He has been coaching groups and individuals at retreats, festivals, workshops, courses and individual sessions. He as measured over 550 unique people’s heart rhythms and guided them in to a deeper state of balance and positive emotions, while giving them important visual insight in to their own ability to affect their autonomic nervous system through breath, focus and feelings.

7 years ago, Linus began his journey in meditation which radically shifted his understanding of himself and others. That lead him into studying meditation, yoga, breath work, mental training and coaching through various schools and traditions. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Human Rights, Coach diploma and HeartMath Trainer diploma. He loves to spend time with his one and a half year old daughter and meditating with her sleeping on his chest. He’s also the founder of an organisation that creates participatory events and gatherings with the intention of creating deep human connection and sharing healing body-mind-soul practices.

Wei Yn

Wei grew up in China where body-mind training with Qigong and mediation was a natural part of life. As a neuroscientist she sees growing evidence of mind and body connection. “I have realized that a strong mind is the way to a strong heart”.
Join Wei on Wednesdays at 17.15 for qi gong.

Ulrica Norberg

Best-selling author, mother, modern nomad, yoga and meditation teacher, breathing therapist and creative coach. For Ulrica, it is about being in constant contact with development and movement as much as stopping and feeling what is, works and is quiet.
Join Ulrica for Meditation & breathwork on Wednesdays 07.30

Victoria Lilly

Yoga & Meditation helps to intuitively connect to a quiet energy. Abiding in the silence and welcoming that which is already here as it unfolds moment to moment, with a sense of ease and stillness.

“What I am most interested in, is the recognition of our own true heart and true self no matter what inspires the enquiry”.
Join Victoria for Nidra on Thursdays 17.30

Aline Muller

Aline´s background comes from mystery schools, shivoham tantra, and zen meditation. Aline is a writer, business developer, healer and spiritual teacher.
Join Aline for our Moon series on selected dates

Johanna Mörk Coldén

Johanna is a meditation teacher, yoga teacher and reiki healer. A heart based entrepreneur and founder of Mindstory. With an inspirational way she is an expert of explaining the magic of meditation in class and guide you towards the life you want in her private sessions. Join her for class Monday, Tuesday & Saturday or book a private guiding session with her

Yuliya Maslyn

Yuliya Maslyn is an inspiring and passionate person. Her interest in ancient traditions guided her towards the lineage of Cha Dao taught by her teacher Wu De in Taiwan, and visiting Nepal she learned Himalayan sound healing from indigenous masters. Yuliya holds Ceremonial Tea Meditations, refined Gongfu Tea sessions and sound healing space.
Join Yulia for Sound Healing on Tuesdays 19.00 and Living Tea mediation on selected dates

Linda Ergérius

Linda is a reiki healer, meditation and kundalini yoga teacher with long experience within the holistic field working with intuition, reiki and acupressure as her main tools to help balance your energy levels as well as your body & mind. Join her for class Wednesdays, Thursday & Fridays. 

Camillia Lindeborg Alm

Marko Simeunovic

Marko has been practicing zen for over ten years and as a medical doctor he daily sees the stress in society and lack of knowledge to cope with it. 
“My heartfelt wish is to try to help others, in these challenging times, to develop a
rather more resilient, open, peaceful and fresh mind, gradually leading to more
harmonious life, as much as my abilities and limitations allow me to do so since I
am myself a student as well.”

Fia Lehikoinen

Anna Hagert