Mindstory exists to make meditation available to all.

We believe meditation being a part of life is a happier life.



About us

“To practice meditation has shifted my perspective and changed my  attitude toward life in many ways. Through meditation I have found so much passion, creativity and joy. Mindstory is the consequence of that”  

Mindful Fusion

At Mindstory we love fusions, to bring great things together in a unexpected way and create new. Do you have an idea of a great fusion or do you want us to create one? Send us an email or give us a call. More about our Mindful Fusions in a bit.

Calming retreats

Join us for our meditation & healing retreats in soothing Swedish countryside, warm and friendly Mexico or in an urban setting in city of Stockholm. Send us an email to receive more info.

Creative Gallery

Our studio is not only a meditation studio but also a creative space, a forum for people that are creating from heart, artists of different kind translating the creativity founded when leaving mind aside. With meditation being the tool exploring happy & essence. Mindstory is my creative expression for sure /Johanna, founder. We give space for the voices from within. Happy to share our Mindstory Meditation playlists created by Jörgen Kjellgren. Make sure to listen at spotify.com.

Healing & Soulcare

We offer sound healing & healing meditation on our weekly schedule. Private sessions for you searching for essence, heart & truth? Send us an email.



Courses & Events

A 4 week course that introduces you to the practice of being present. We will try to pay attention to the present moment without preference!  Sounds simple but yet is extremely challenging. This short course is designed for complete beginners or those with an existing practice that want to deepen their understanding. 

Holistic Agency

Mindstory is a holistic agency with healers, sound healers, therapists, coaches, meditation teachers & yogateachers. Send us an email to find out more & feel free to reach out if you want to be a part of our community.