Mindstory publishing

Mindstory publishing house is a boutique publishing house promoting, printing and selling books & writings that inspire and give example of transformation & life. Our writers are all leaders of change with the written word as their talent & tool.

We believe in long term collaboration and relations, creative thinking and new ways. Aiming to uplift and inspire change, personal growth & higher vibration.

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Books, props, meditations & soul guidance.  All mindfully chosen for your inner work & growth.

We are always intereseted in great heartmade products. Reach out to us for co creating/Mindstory


Mindstory agency is a boutique agency promoting and representing an inspiring group of experienced and highly vibrating change makers & energy workers that all focus on transformation, spiritual guidance & inner growth.

We work close to our thought leaders and believe in long term collaboration and growing, heartbased relations with them, as well as with their clients.

Would you like to work with us? Connect and let us know your story/Mindstory


Story is our shared blog giving space to the voices from within.

We all have fragments, choices and chapters from before as well as passions, intentions and ways to inspire growth and awareness. Your story can become someone else’s healing and your words matter.

We believe in togetherness by giving our example of life and awareness. All aiming to uplift & inspire healing, transformation & change.

Do you wish to share with us?

Connect by sending an email info@mindstory.se and let us know your story/Mindstory

PS. There is no limitation or set frames. We accept (most) stories from heart. Your piece can be poetry, fictional or simply words of wisdom. English or Swedish works fine.


Mindstory is all about giving example of growth, transformation and change.

We started out in 2019 creating forms for our purpose today being a publishing house, boutique agency for energy workers, spiritual guidance and much more. Founded by Johanna Mörk Coldén the mission is simple, to give example and offer space & forum to all looking to be their own leader of change.

FOUNDER What I create is translated from soul level aiming to inspire change, transformation and inner growth. When I wrote my first book the understanding for how connection with soul works, how energy can be translated into words deepened during the process. Again I realized the importance of heartbased actions and communication.

With background within PR & marketing and years of inner work I am happy to contribute with heart, experience and guidance. Feel free to reach out.

Happy to connect. Happy to serve.


Spiritual guidance is channeled guidance from a higher consciousness. A session brings clarity, choice and transforming, healing energies.

By connecting to source and soul we aim to give guidance and individual support to you feeling lost in translation of every day life.

A session includes intuitive guidance, follow up & questions. All done on distance (swe/eng) Investment SEK 1300. Open to all, no experience needed.

Reach out to Johanna for questions & booking /Mindstory